I’m having superfast (fibre) broadband installed in my house. It is what my telecommunications provider calls an ‘indirect service’ because it rents the cables from the company that owns them.

The other day a technician from a subcontractor of the company came. He could not put the optical fibre cable in the pipe that goes from the end of the street to the house because it was blocked with other cables.

Who is the client here?

For the last worker that put a cable in, it is clear … the company that contracts their firm. He or she did their work: install cables.

They do not seem to have considered their colleagues much here (internal customers?) because if so they would have said something about the state of the pipe for the next worker.

In my opinion, this is a clear case of cost reduction being the business driver and not the end customer. I have not received a call from anyone in the company to apologise.

Curiously my operator called me and offered me free gigabytes on my mobile data package. When I pointed out it was not their responsibility that the cable was not yet installed the answer was “Yes, it is. You have contracted the service with us.”

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