I have just had another disheartening experience, similar to the one last year (see the blog for November).

This time it happened in England, at a party. I was talking to some people and then came the typical question: “And what do you do there then?” (now that I had said I live in Spain).

“I´m a trainer.” Then came the two questions: “Personal…fitness?” and “Dog trainer?”

I explained that there was some connection with the canine world when César Millán (the famous Dog Whisperer) says that he rehabilitates dogs and trains their owners. Anita Roddick, of Body Shop fame, once said that “training” is something you do to dogs.

I almost wished I had not said it because it then took me ages to get my point across. I learned how much we take things for granted – after all I have been standing in front of groups for all my professional life.

I made a New Year’s resolution: perfect my elevator speech.

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