Conflict resolution through tried and trusted methods.

Does this ring a bell?:

– “They live in their own little world. How are we going to do this in the time they want?”
– “They always say “Yes” and then just sit on it.”
– “I just don’t know what they expect. You give it to them and they just complain.”

How can you sort this kind of problem out?

“I really don’t know what their role is … or why they even exist!”

Familiar, right?

Many Learning and Development solutions consist of sending people on team building exercises. They often don’t work because the conflict issues are either skated over or brushed aside as nobody wants to, or dare, rock the boat.

All ‘boundary problems’ are communication problems requiring specific methods in thoroughly prepared interventions.

Perceptions, expectation sharing and role negotiation, all aimed at measurable action plans, are among the different ways I improve communication in companies.

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