Parkinson’s Law in times of Covid-19

This morning when I went in to where I work, what did I see? Practically all my work space was taken up with things that had nothing to do with what I was going to work on (two cookery books, keys, papers of various types etc). As I always say: “Disorganised workspace = disorganised mind.” I don’t know whether that’s universally true or not… it works fine for me.

I was really surprised at myself. Without realising it, in these first few days of the coronavirus confinement here in Spain, I had allowed myself to become victim of Parkinson’s Law (“Work extends to fill the time – space – available for its completion»).

I remembered that I need to practise what I preach in my profession, which means, especially in these times, do not let things just “happen”. Keeping focus, exercising discipline, having slots with time limits – all are critical to mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health, above all if you have young children at home.

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