King Canute

“My first impression of you was: ‘How cheap. He can’t even be bothered to use PowerPoint……’”

(Participant after a Presentational Skills course, face to face, Madrid, 2008).

I have to admit that sometimes I felt like King Canute (Knut?) trying to roll back the inexorable tide of PowerPoint, alone with flipchart and props on the beach.

I can’t say I’ve rolled any tide back. I can say I feel vindicated. More and more companies are urging people to simplify, go back to basics, use props, oratory, whiteboard and flipchart in presentations.

So I’m glad to see my sticking with the humble flipchart has turned me into a post-modernist trainer!

Oh and the participant completed his sentence with

“ ..and I now realise how we’ve all been brainwashed into thinking PowerPoint is the be-all and end-all of presentations”.

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