Is training the solution for home-working?

Some time ago a customer said to me “There are some training programmes – and you realise this later – that are just like throwing money away.”

The company is number one in its sector in Spain and the Training Department had a lot of internal credibility. Even so, the customer admitted that much of their training does not lead to long-term cultural transformation.

There is a paradox here. You can have excellently-delivered, well-designed training which does not produce significant impact in the company. This is because it is often isolated from the real culture, that embedded by the Executive Committee.

More and more companies are evaluating home working seriously. They are also running the risk of reproducing virtually what they have in reality.

The current increase in on-line training in how to work from home, due to Covid-19, is seductive. Unless it is conceived and implemented as cultural change then we might not see the desired effects on people and company performance.

Check out this really interesting article:

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