“Football is a simple game. But to play a simple game of football is the hardest thing there is.” (Johann Cruyff)

“No, it hasn’t taken me just 30 seconds to do this. It’s taken me 60 years.” (Pablo Picasso)

These two quotes represent what I can give you: simplicity and experience.

I deliver Communication programmes, face-to-face and online: Impact and Influence, Inspiring audiences, Storytelling, Negotiation…. Even You Are Your Time is based on the communication you have with yourself.

I am an expert in Trainer Training, whether with budding trainers or experienced ones who need to perfect their skills – not just platform skills, but the whole range of skills a trainer needs in the Training Cycle.

Although technology is changing how often and how much we communicate, is your company getting better at it? Do you know just how much poor quality communication or training are costing you?





People are often sent on team building courses to help them sort out their communication issues. As often as not they do not work. As nobody wants to rock the boat, the real issues do not come to light. This is especially true of inter-departmental relations. Other approaches are required because, here, the magic wand of training may not work.

Perception sharing, expectation sharing and role negotiation are some of the methodologies I use to get people’s challenges with one another in full view. By settling communication issues between people, performance automatically improves.



Whether you need help for the annual sales presentation or you have just been promoted and are unsure about your leadership potential, I can help.

I am practical, eschewing fashionable models with a limited shelf life. Coaching has been around, as they say, since Socrates.

I use highly developed questioning and feedback skills, the latter essential for when I use Shadow Coaching – observation of real work situations where I witness what the coachee does, rather than relying on what they say they do.