Training Clear – I keep it simple.
Credible – without this there’s no learning and performance improvement
Relevant - practice, practice and practice, with theory kept to what participants need to know. Nothing else.

So what do you get from me?

Proven skill improvement with practical, inspiring programmes:

  • How to Inspire your audience
  • How to Negotiate Effectively
  • Trainer Training
  • Impact and Influence
  • Leading Teams
  • You Are Your Time
  • Effective Meetings

This is some of the bespoke training I have done:

  • Inter-Cultural Communication
  • Diversity
  • Cross-Functional Influencing for Project Managers
  • Influencing for Human Resources Business Partners
  • The Training Cycle: from Needs Analysis to Evaluation
  • Values, Culture and Change


All boundary problems are communication issues. Best solved by thoroughly prepared facilitated interventions, not by sending people on team building courses (where nobody wants to rock the boat) they require methodology and skill.

Perception sharing, expectation sharing and role negotiation, all aimed at measurable action plans, are three of the ways I facilitate communication improvement in companies.

Coaching Maybe a bit confused about coaching?
What is it for, what is it, how is it done?

Here are two examples of the challenges I have faced:

“The sales conference again….I need to give the same boring message every year. What can I do differently this time?”
This is skills coaching with short term, specific objectives.

“I’ve just been promoted to Managing Director. What do I do now?”:
This is developmental coaching with longer term objectives.

I am also a specialist in Shadow Coaching. This entails observation of real work situations for feedback purposes where I see what the coachee does, rather than relying on what they say they do.