A useful aphorism

How much time do you use designing ‘presentations’ (in other words, slides), putting, moving, making bigger, making smaller, replacing, changing … instead of doing a mind map first, deciding what you want to say, creating prompts and then designing visual aids?

This, I hear a lot: “You know what happens? As you don’t have time you end up cutting and pasting, putting everything you want on the PowerPoint and relying on that?”

So, how many times do you ask yourself the following question?: “What do I want them to remember in the time available and  what is the best way to represent it?” instead of “What do I want to put on the PowerPoint?”

And .. how much time do you employ writing emails (which generate others for being badly written)? And how much time you do you use asking yourself the following questions?:

What is the purpose of my email? / What action is required and what is the deadline? / What information does the reader require? / Is the topic adequately summed up in the Subject? / How do I want my reader to feel?

Yes. The problem with planning is, often, it is simply not much fun. You do not seem to be moving forward (time presses). It requires an act of faith.

So, I do not know who said this originally (they deserve a prize). What I do know is it is brilliant.

“There’s never time to do things well from the beginning but there’s always time to repeat them.”

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