Practical training in people skills.

From training on how to inspire your audience in public, negotiation and influence, through trainer development… to unconscious bias training.

Minimum theory, maximum practice

Two principles that guide me: practice – with high-quality feedback – makes perfect.
And in order to communicate with others…communicate well with yourself first. All the training programmes I run revolve around these premises.

Measured performance improvement

I facilitate interventions with methodologies such as sharing expectations and negotiating roles. People and teams produce concrete action plans that solve their difficulties.

No time? Video training​​

My videos are to be enjoyed as they are or within learning programmes, in-person or online. They are clear, credible and relevant, totally oriented to “How to….”

How to inspire your audience​

How to negotiate effectively​

How to give feedback​

Leadership 1-3​


Storytelling 1-5​​

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