Alan Walker

trainer, facilitator & coach

You want guaranteed, value-for-money boosts to your people’s “people skills”. I have the credibility to work with all kinds of people, from specialist roles through to top executives. I make sure I’m on top form when I do my job. Effective training is your business and it’s mine too.

VideoShort, punchy clips – they work.

TrainingCatalogue as well as tailored for you. I also have a network of specialists I am proud to draw on.

CoachingGood, honest and down-to-earth: skills and developmental.

FacilitationActionable and effective outcomes – healthy conflict resolution.


A curious transaction

11/06/2018 | When I thought about writing this blog I’d come to one conclusion about what happened in the petrol station the other day. Now I’ve got two. After I’d paid, the lady picked up the invoice (a short rectangled piece of paper), then took the original till receipt (a long, narrow piece of paper), stapled... [read more]

Presentations, slide shows, meetings and documentation

03/05/2018 | In the questionnaire I get people to fill in as preparation for the course, a person, in answer to the question: How do you usually prepare your presentations? Think about the order in which you do things. wrote: “I don’t normally spend much time on the preparation of the presentation itself. I use almost... [read more]

The delicate art of giving and receiving compliments

12/04/2018 | Yesterday in a bar I ask for a russian salad and what the waiter brings me is frankly impressive: original and very well-presented. It was just asking to be eaten. So I say to the waiter: “The presentation’s great. Can you tell the chef?” He smiles. When I am finishing eating that wonderful russian... [read more]