Alan Walker

trainer, facilitator & coach

You want guaranteed, value-for-money boosts to your people’s “people skills”. I have the credibility to work with all kinds of people, from specialist roles through to top executives. I make sure I’m on top form when I do my job. Effective delivery is your business and it’s mine too.

VideoShort, punchy clips – they work.

TrainingCatalogue as well as tailored for you. I also have a network of specialists I am proud to draw on.

CoachingGood, honest and down-to-earth: skills and developmental.

FacilitationActionable and effective outcomes – healthy conflict resolution.


Dancing and kayaking … or how to help someone ‘slow’ to learn

06/09/2017 | Some years ago I went to ballroom and Latin dancing classes. “One, two three, five, six, seven”, I ‘danced’ to the rhythm of Salsa. (I haven’t made a mistake – there’s a pause). I just didn’t get it. When I watched the dancers in some discotheque I just couldn’t see the “One, two three,... [read more]

The (non) language of delegation

01/08/2017 | A Supervisor says to one of the team members: “Michael. I’m pretty busy lately and I want to delegate the presentation I have at the end of the month to you. I know you’re capable of doing it.” How does that really sound to the team member? And what could their reaction be?: “You’re... [read more]


22/07/2017 | To finish the first day of a course recently I asked the participants to summarise in less than 20 seconds the most important thing they’d learnt, using some of the storytelling techniques we’d been working on. One struck my attention for the content: “10 years of my life studying linguistics. From Degree to Doctorate... [read more]