Alan Walker

trainer, facilitator & coach

You want guaranteed, value-for-money boosts to your people’s “people skills”. I have the credibility to work with all kinds of people, from specialist roles through to top executives. I make sure I’m on top form when I do my job. Effective delivery is your business and it’s mine too.

VideoShort, punchy clips – they work.

TrainingCatalogue as well as tailored for you. I also have a network of specialists I am proud to draw on.

CoachingGood, honest and down-to-earth: skills and developmental.

FacilitationActionable and effective outcomes – healthy conflict resolution.


Alan Walker Blog

Aims and activities

16/03/2017 | The other day in a training course we were looking at the difference between ‘aims’ and ‘activities’. ‘Improving people’s work performance’ is an aim; ‘running a training course’ is an activity. So many people answered the question ‘What do they pay me for?’ with “I don’t really know.” One woman said “My boss explained... [read more]
Alan Walker Blog


08/02/2017 | I read a few days ago that Waterman and Moleskine are bringing out a pen which allows you to write on paper and record what you are writing on a tablet. That is great news for me because I use a traditional paper diary with all its advantages (I remember more through the physical... [read more]
Alan Walker Blog

Prejudices, unconcious bias, preconceived ideas and much more!

08/01/2017 | 13.15. A pizzería near home. We are the first customers. Very cold out … and very cold inside the pizzería. And I start (to myself): “Why can’t they heat this place up in advance? Yeah … like all places round here they’re just set up for the summer. Probably don’t want to spend the... [read more]