Alan Walker

trainer, facilitator & coach

You want guaranteed, value-for-money boosts to your people’s “people skills”. I have the credibility to work with all kinds of people, from specialist roles through to top executives. I make sure I’m on top form when I do my job. Effective training is your business and it’s mine too.

VideoShort, punchy clips – they work.

TrainingCatalogue as well as tailored for you. I also have a network of specialists I am proud to draw on.

CoachingGood, honest and down-to-earth: skills and developmental.

FacilitationActionable and effective outcomes – healthy conflict resolution.


The delicate art of giving and receiving compliments

12/04/2018 | Yesterday in a bar I ask for a russian salad and what the waiter brings me is frankly impressive: original and very well-presented. It was just asking to be eaten. So I say to the waiter: “The presentation’s great. Can you tell the chef?” He smiles. When I am finishing eating that wonderful russian... [read more]

Who is the customer?

10/03/2018 | I’m having superfast (fibre) broadband installed in my house. It is what my telecommunications provider calls an ‘indirect service’ because it rents the cables from the company that owns them. The other day a technician from a subcontractor of the company came. He could not put the optical fibre cable in the pipe that... [read more]

The search for ‘Zero Inbox’

22/02/2018 | I read an article in linkedin recently which said that the search for a Zero Inbox was fruitless, that simply there are too many emails, that it is better to use the automatic search function … and that email won’t last much longer anyway. (I read some of these articles with a pinch of... [read more]